Thursday, 14 July 2011

Feet trimming, dentasticks and general grooming

As has been made clear through a previous post I am actually quite a big fan of bath time, loving how silky soft it leaves my fur. However recently I have been having some trouble with my teeth and my sudden distaste for dentasticks. Previously this treat which I found to be truly delicious I have taken a dislike to and am gradually building a pile up of uneaten sticks which isnt going down to well with the owners.

It has worked out well though as I love my toothpaste and this means more teeth brushing! If anyone can suggest some slightly tastier denta style products do let me know as I think I need to do something to stop my owners worrying!

Whilst talking health and hygiene I think it only right I comment on how handy a foot trim can be over the summer months in helping to cool you down! It also stopped all the Frodo, Hobbit jokes which were beginning to hurt my feelings!