Thursday, 14 July 2011

Feet trimming, dentasticks and general grooming

As has been made clear through a previous post I am actually quite a big fan of bath time, loving how silky soft it leaves my fur. However recently I have been having some trouble with my teeth and my sudden distaste for dentasticks. Previously this treat which I found to be truly delicious I have taken a dislike to and am gradually building a pile up of uneaten sticks which isnt going down to well with the owners.

It has worked out well though as I love my toothpaste and this means more teeth brushing! If anyone can suggest some slightly tastier denta style products do let me know as I think I need to do something to stop my owners worrying!

Whilst talking health and hygiene I think it only right I comment on how handy a foot trim can be over the summer months in helping to cool you down! It also stopped all the Frodo, Hobbit jokes which were beginning to hurt my feelings!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was a day full of excitment and fun as I turned 1! I had a lovely day including the whole family singing happy birthday to me and being given some splendid presents. The excitment did get a bit too much with me feeling very tired in the afternoon but the fun of new toys is a lot to take in! Today I am hoping to extended the celebration a little further with a stroll in the park and some time in the sunshine.

I hope your all enjoying your weekend as much as me and please do feel free to send birthday wishes!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Lovely New Collar

This post is simply a big thank you to the lovely people at Silly Buddy who have sent me a fantastic floral summer lead and matching collar. They were so helpful in making a selection and making my collar a fantastic fit, have a look for them on Etsy. If only I could have bought them all I would have, I particularly liked the vintage toy collar but thought it too masculine. There are many more for me to add to my collection at some point. If your looking for a new collar they should be your first stop!

I hope you all approve of my new look.

Whilst talking about my favourite stores I think Mungo and Maud, deserve a mention. They me be a tad expensive but have some lovely toys and a blanket I think my own would love! Perhaps I'll manage to get something from here for my birthday this month! If your a photogenic little thing also have a look at their website as they are currently running a competition to find a model for their autumn/ winter coats etc. I have submitted my photograph already so paws crossed.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Public Transport

After meeting a lovely little dog on the train today I was inspired to write about my regular travel on the tube, bus and in general public transport! I know many dogs are nerve about the rumble of the train and the nosie passengers but I find the buses and the train provide a perfect oppurtunity for napping, sniffing and of course attention seeking. I have managed to get several snaps taken of me on the london underground by tourists and often get a stroke or at the very least a smile from passersby. Recently though I have to admit the front of the bus has become my favourite place to sit, not only can I pretend to drive but also get a super view!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Friend or Foes

Being the only Dachshund and in fact only dog in my household may have advantages in terms of being spoilt and getting extra attention but there are unfortunately some family members who however hard I try for some reason I cannot win over, namely the four cats I live with. These grumpy, anti-social animals are never keen to engage in a game of chase and on a couple of occassions now have sadly managed to scratch me. Any suggestions on how to befriend these bullies would be much appreciated as for some reason however mean they are I just cant help but find them fascinating and long to be part of their gang.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rainy Days

As well as enjoying many things in life there are also a few small things I find issue with, namely the rain. Going out in it is unpleasant, staying in to avoid it means to much energy and of course the dampness it leaves everywhere means a soggy tummy for days after the actual unfortunate day. I have heard that many other dachshunds share my dislike for the rain and if this is true I would like to hear from you and give those who dislike it the oppurtunity to vent. Bring on some more sunshine please so I can bask outside. After all being wet from a bath is bad enough!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Your Highness Hounds

Following my earlier post about the very regal Corgi and a delightful email I recieved from one of my friends, I thought it would be a good time to share this fun little link with you. I don't know maybe someone out there would even have the knitting ability to create the whole bunch.

The articles below from The Guardian shows you how to make your very own knitted Corgi with also information on Fiona Gobles book for those who want to recreate the whole royal wedding or for those more keen on some four legged friends, try Sally Joanna Muir Osbourne whose book will teach you to knit a whole bunch of canine friends. Personally I thought the bull dog looked very realistic!

If only I could knit I would most certainly give it a go.

Link to: Guardian Article- Knit your own Corgi
               Guardian Article - Best in Show

Because it can't always just be about the Sausages!

As much as of course being a dachshund myself I love all of the sausage shaped dogs I meet, recently my attention has been caught by another rather cute breed who hopefully one day my lovely owners will buy me as a companion. Though the royal wedding may now be over, the link below highlights to me the best half of the royal family, the adorable teddy bear like Corgi. If anyone out there has such a friend I would be delighted to hear about it and whether you think we could get along. I may not be royalty but I'm sure I could pull off a crown.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A snapshot of my Lovely Life

I enjoy all of the following activities particularly when a nap and a cuddle follows:

First Day of my Blog

Good afternoon to all and welcome to hopefully my quite insightful blog. My name is Daisy and I am a young, miniature Dachshund. After reading a few Dachshund blogs for a while I thought it was about time I got in on the action to share all my opinion and points of view.

It is only very recently that I discovered my very exciting ability to bark and howl but alas this is not enough so I think it's about time I started to share my opinions in a way hopefully the humans will understand a little better. Over the lifetime of my blog I hope to share some interesting tales, trials and tribulations with you and hopefully hear some great things from the people out there on the web too and hopefully a few other Dachshunds.

Goodbye for now I'll write soon